Students have to decide which course they will study at which university in advance and register the course in the information system of the particular university.

Each university applies own study rules and requirements for studies.


The Technical University of Dresden promotes student mobility abroad by actively participating in the development of the European and worldwide higher education area and by reducing mobility barriers.

The general framework for all activities of the Erasmus+ Programme is set by the Erasmus Charter and the Eramus Policy Statement. The TUD was awarded Erasmus Charter for Higher Education under the following Application Reference

Number: 29756-EPP-1-2014-DE-EPPKA3-ECHE

List of TU Dresden Erasmus+ partners:

List of IHI Zittau Erasmus+ partners:

Erasmus+ faculty co-ordinator: Uta Scheunig
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Phone: +49 3583 6124115


Recommendation for students of FE TUL: The best semester for Erasmus mobility is SUMMER SEMESTER of the FIRST YEAR of your study, with respect to the structure of study plan. Applications in October of the academic year.