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CEC Projects

CEC Nisa/Neisse is more than just a master programme: The Technical University of Liberec and IHI Zittau co-operate on many more levels! Students from Liberec and Zittau are regularly invited to develop intercultural projects together. Here's some examples of it and a toolbook, developed for intercultural workshops by TUL's teachers.

Project 2018

Cultural and Economic View of Interventions into Nature with High Impact on Ecosystems

Project implementation

10/01/2018 – 03/29/2019


It builds on the implemented project International Management in Practice and it is a pilot activity for a future jointly accredited study programme of both involved universities, called INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT.

In addition to introductory presentations given by experts on the subject, the focus of the project is the joint work of mixed Czech-German teams. Furthermore, cross-border contacts will be enhanced through intercultural activities and subsequent entertainment. During a two-day seminar, the students of both ecologically oriented IHI disciplines and Economics at TU in Liberec should be addressed and interconnected by the topic of Intercultural Communication.

In order to prepare the seminar and document the results of the working groups, a joint educational online platform TU Dresden / IHI Zittau and TU Liberec will be established to provide future students and teachers of both universities with a transnational electronic learning platform and to facilitate the implementation of future joint projects.

Project 2019


Project implementation

08/11/2019 – 01/31/2020


The project is another example of cross-border cooperation in the field of intercultural communication between the International University Institute (IHI) in Zittau / TU Dresden and the Faculty of Economics at the Technical University of Liberec and builds on previous joint projects on "International Management in Practice" (winter semester 2017/18, workshop in Chrastava, the Czech Republic) and "Cultural and Economic View of Interventions into  Nature with High Impact on Ecosystems" (winter semester 2018/19, workshop in IBZ St. Marienthal, Ostritz, Germany). This project turns to the issue of migration, with a focus on history, ethos, economic and missionary activities of the  Moravian (Herrnhutian) Brethren in Herrnhut. After all, the Herrnhuters (i.e. the Moravian Church, formally named the Unitas Fratrum), were based on religious communities created by the teachings of Czech reformer John Huss (Jan Hus) and John Amos Comenius (Jan Amos Komenský), Moravian Protestant bishop, philosopher, educator and theologian. The Herrnhuters were forced to emigrate several times because of their conviction. They subsequently established communities around the world that linked missionary activity and the economy through a specific economic form.