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The Central European Campus (CEC) Nisa/Neisse is a unique way to study at two universities in two countries at a time - without packing boxes! You combine your individual European-style study programme modulewise, take part in a seminar in Zittau before lunchtime and continue at 2 p. m. in Liberec, commuting through a fascinating landscape with a free choice, on which side of our border-crossing campus your affordable student home may be... All your courses are offered in English and, besides of some administrative charges, there are no study fees. Learn more about study programme INTERNANTIONAL MANAGEMENT and CEC's Modules and Application.

Liberec and Zittau - two European cities, divided only by an open European border and some 25 kilometers. The Faculty of Economics of the Technical University of Liberec and the International Institute Zittau of TU Dresden - two renowned partner institutions, separated only by an one-hour-trip (footwalk, train and tram), but united by a common, integrated double degree master programme in International Management.


Where else can you travel through three countries within one hour by bike?  Have a beer after lectures in Czech Republic... Or spent a weekend in nearby Prague or in the buzzing student city Wrocław? Take a train right to the  ski slopes or for Mountainbiking in the Zittauer, Iser or Karkonosze Mountains? Zittau is small, sure, but it lies in the midst of one of the most attractive and amazing (cultural) landscapes of Europe!

But Zittau is also worth staying at home: Besides of a broad offer of university sports at University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz,  Olbersdorf Lake lures with its sandy beach, a cinema, an international film festival, an own theatre company and alternative arts offers by Hillerschen Villa are waiting for you...


Liberec, in the Northern Bohemian region not far from the borders with Poland and Germany, is a place that will nourish both body and mind. The city is on the fringe of the Jizera Mountains, with a bowl of soaring peaks and evergreen mountainsides all around. In winter Liberec is a prime snow sport destination and a fixture on the ski jumping circuit, while in summer the opportunities for outdoor adventure are almost endless. Inside Liberec there’s a wealth of things to do for ages, but the city’s strong point is its “edutainment” attractions that everybody is sure to adore.