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Ceremonial Opening of Study Year 2022/2023 at IHI Zittau - New CEC Nisa students start into the German semester

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As a tradition of TU Dresden's International Institute (IHI) Zittau, new students are received in a ceremony at the magnificent Zittau Town Hall. On October 10th, IHI Zittau's international partners, among them also TU Liberec's rector Prof. Brzezina and EF TUL's vice-dean Prof. Strýčková, brought out their welcome adresses to 100 new students, coming from 24 countries on four continents. A newcomer among them: TU Kharkiv! As a professor of TU Kharkiv's Institute of Management currently lives as a refugee in the Zittau region, IHI Zittau is aiming at a sustainable partnership with that university. Prof. Nataliia Krasnokutska, director of TU Kharkiv's Institute of Management, gave a short update of the partner and its current situation due to the Russian attack.